Do you want to rocket boost your online business growth?

Do you want to re-align your strategy for digital transformation?

Do you want to enhance your digital marketing team’s performance?

Or, do you want to build your digital marketing team or hire specialist?

If the answer to all questions above is ‘yes’ then you’re at the right place. I can help you use Digital Marketing to get the solutions.

You can hire my personalized digital marketing consulting services, or you can hire our digital marketing services that we offer at Adjacktive.

I’ve largely been working in following verticals – real estate, education, and e-commerce. However, I am open to other industries as well.

As a digital marketing consultant, I offer following services:

  1. Digital Strategy Formation
  2. Digital Transformation of Businesses
  3. Online Sales and Lead Generation
  4. Digital Marketing Training to Businesses
  5. Digital Marketing Team Development

Digital Strategy and Transformation

I will help you re-strategize effectively for digital using the resources available at your organization, and working within the periphery of your budget.

Your organization specifically want to target pan India then I can help you strategize from a local perspective. Moreover, get you the results at the local level that you’re aiming for, in India.

You may want to take your complete customer value chain online, from attracting target audience to engagement, conversion, and post-sales services. Again, I can help you with my digital marketing consulting services, irrespective of your industry.

I’ll be enabling you and your organization to realize the power of digital optimally. In addition, to using popular technologies and techniques that allow you to automate common tasks, make analytics-driven decisions, and overcome major hurdles in your marketing and advertising strategies.

To learn more, you can mail me at

Digital Marketing Consulting & Corporate Training

Do you want to improve your performance and efficiency of your digital marketing team? Then you might want to take up Digital Marketing Corporate Training services that I offer.

I’ll be helping your digital marketing team to learn and use latest and wide-variety of digital marketing tools, proven techniques, and tricks, and most importantly develop and enhance most sought digital skills.

Apart from this, I’ll be working on your team’s collaboration, management, and organization skills that will automatically ensure long-term success.

I’ve turnkey to customized digital marketing corporate training solutions that you can choose right according to your budget and need.

Hiring Digital Marketing Team

Do you want to build your very own digital marketing team? And don’t know where to start from? Then I can help you in it again.

I can help you source talent, select and hire candidates for various jobs in digital marketing. I’ve large network that offers a talent pool for you to source and hire people in digital marketing.

From fresher to super specialist jobs in digital marketing, I can help you and your organization in hiring and recruitment.

Contact me at for more info.


All our services are designed to focus on delivering business value.


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