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Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends 2014 in India
January 11, 2014
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Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketer in IndiaB

In India, we are witnessing radical changes every year in our economy, consumer behavior, market dynamics and growth factors. Almost all changes are driven by technological advancements and consumer demand.

Now, most of the target audience of major companies lies in the range of 16-30 ages in India. Moreover, the large numbers of people lying on this range are generally internet-savvy and Facebook users in India. Therefore, reaching this audience is highly cost-effective, easier and efficient with digital marketing.

Without spending on cold-calls, TVCs, billboards, salespersons and other passive marketing tools, without irritating your customers and pushing your bottom line, you can generate an incredible amount of call-ins, leads, queries and most of all sales by professionally marketing on the Internet.

The Internet enables you to enhance your marketing’s interactivity, visual delight, approachability, and entertainment. Moreover, you’re not reaching to or pushing yourself to an audience that is not your target, instead, people are searching for your or you’re pulling them towards you.

For example, just imagine, in the traditional market, a luxury car manufacturer like ‘Jaguar’ invest in TVC, which is to be shown across India, in rural and suburban areas as well, where they do not have their target customer. In this way, after reaching so many people their conversion rate is abysmally low and investment is again abysmally high.

Now, suppose ‘Jaguar’ is marketing on Internet, where they’re reaching only the people who’re researching to buy using keywords such as ‘buy luxury cars in India’, ‘top luxury cars in India to buy’, and ‘the best luxury car in India 2013’. In this way, the company reduced its investments and increased conversion rate exponentially.

This is one of the attributes of digital marketing, which is convincing marketers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, investors, and leaders to take digital marketing more seriously than ever before in India. With each passing year and increasing Internet usage in India, the Internet is taking a bigger shape and size (internet population in India set to touch 253 million in 2014), where digital marketing has become must for all businesses in India.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, a report in 2012 Internet contributed 3.2 trillion to India’s economy that is around 4.1 percent of India’s GDP.

But now the pertinent question to ask here that for any business in India

Do you need a digital marketing team or you should hire freelance digital marketer? Which is feasible, reliable, affordable and effective?

I am here to help you find the answer here. 

I have listed the top five reasons for hiring a freelance digital marketer instead of the digital marketing team.

#1. A Digital Marketer Knows How to Make Money for You

For any business, their main objective is – ‘profit maximization’ – and marketing is one of the most important factors that help in profit maximization.

Now, it is proven that digital marketing (inbound marketing) more effective than traditional marketing (outbound marketing).

So, if you want to maximize your profits then hiring a freelance digital marketer is much better than hiring a team. There are three main factors to approve this proposition

  1. A freelance digital marketer is always on his toes to work to make money. Because he/she knows it that if results are not there then you won’t be able to earn. Instead, they would work more diligently in order to increase your sales. Thereby they would have reason to increase their cost.
  2. A freelance digital marketer keeps himself updated just because of the first reason. Therefore, he/she has hands-on expertise and experience in helping you to generate leads and sales from new channels.
  3. A freelance digital marketer works on the go and they’re easily accessible, for example, if you want to put a sale at midnight just a day before ‘new year’ or just want to wish all your customers, followers and fans at the right time and the right platform then they will be awake to do so for you.

Lastly, an in-house team will cost more and deliver little in comparison to freelancer, who will always want to maximize your profits just because he/she does not have the security of a job, they want to continue on the project and they want to earn more by helping you earn exponentially.

#2. An Experienced Digital Marketer Always Better Than In-house Team

Even you would agree on this. To convince you more, there three reasons why an experienced digital marketer better than an in-house team

  1. They have extensive experience of working with small to large companies and they are better at it than an in-house team.
  2. An in-house team has to deal with you only therefore, they are not able to innovate and be creative in their approach. On the contrary, a freelancer might be working on different projects. Therefore, they may have many innovative and creative solutions to offer.
  3. Almost all freelancers are good at client handling, which is why, they endeavor to listen your more and understand your needs, demands, and requirements.
  4. A freelancer always believes in exceeding targets not just achieving it, whereas an in-house team will only focus on achieving ‘targets’.

#3. Hiring A Digital Marketer Cost-Effective Than In-house Team

One of my HR friend in a mid-sized company in New Delhi told me that when they hire a middle-level manager in the company then they have to spend Rs. 1 Lakh per month on hire. That means, if you are hiring a team of 3 for digital marketing then you may have to spend Rs. 1 Lakh per employee per month in New Delhi.

This cost constituted of salary, cost-of-hiring, maintenance cost, IT cost, phone bill, electricity bill, reimbursements, and other overheads. Moreover, you have to pay for a bonus every year.

Above all, you have to give them provisional and voluntary holidays.

On the contrary, when you hire a freelance digital marketer, you don’t have to bear any cost. Moreover, you only pay up only after completion of the first cycle of the project. You get flexibility in payment method and time, and you can negotiate to reduce cost further (note: do not negotiate for unreasonable cost because that can possibly lead to a compromise with quality and output).

A freelance digital marketer works to reduce your cost-per-lead, save you cost wherever possible and enhance your profit, so he could legibly ask for an increase in payment. Their simple motto is – help you earn more thereby they can as well.

#4. You Have Lesser Liabilities With A Digital Marketer

With tougher labor laws, it has become to fire unproductive employees. Suppose, if you have a team of digital marketing that is not functioning properly just because of one employee then you may find it difficult to fire, and if you fire him/her then you have to bear the cost-of-hiring.

Moreover, you have other liabilities such as to look after your employees’ daily needs for safety, food, water, and comfort.

Nevertheless, by hiring a freelance digital marketer in New Delhi you will not have to face any liabilities, on the contrary, you have the flexibility of working with him/her.

You don’t have to take care of any liability, you tell them your requirements and they work for you, eventually, you pay up for the work.

#5. A Digital Marketer Have Resources and Network

An in-house team is only limited to in-company departments and employees, but a digital marketer is highly resourceful and has people in his network from different areas, fields, and industries.

A digital marketer ensures that you get your job done in time and cost. You can easily access their resources and network to get excellent work and quality.

Suppose, you want authority writers on specific and special topics, with an in-house team, you won’t be able to find them easily but with a digital marketer you can easily find them and get a good bargain.

#6. No Overheads, No Hidden Cost, No Cost Liabilities – Only Win-Win Situation for You

In the nutshell, when you hire a freelance digital marketer from New Delhi, then you don’t have to bear overheads, hidden cost, and no cost liabilities. It’s only a win-win situation for you.

It’s recommended for small and mid-sized companies/organizations/enterprises to hire a freelance digital marketer instead of employing.

However, it is not as if employing digital marketers is bad, but there are advantages of hiring a freelancer that you cannot afford to ignore.

If you have any different opinion or some viewpoint/perspective to put, then do comment below. Please make sure you agree to disagree or just ask any question, I love answering them.

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