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Quick 5 Steps to Create Website – WordPress Tutorial 2021

Install WordPress in 5 Steps - WordPress Tutorial 2021

Follow my step by step tutorial to create a professional website in WordPress CMS. The tutorial will take only 3-5 minutes. 

WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world. More than 35 percent of websites in the world are created on WordPress CMS and WordPress.com.

Basically, CMS is a software app that allows you to manage your website’s content efficiently.

Furthermore, WordPress CMS is open source, which means it is free to use and modify.

In addition, it is a more flexible, scalable and user friendly CMS than any other CMS in the world.

Now, let’s get to the point. We are here to learn how to create a website in WordPress.

Let’s quickly start:

Step 1 – Buy domain

You will need to buy a domain name to get started. You can buy the domain from any service provider. 

I would recommend you to buy domain from Namecheap or Godaddy, both are best.

Ideally, I would recommend you to search for .com extension for your domain.

If you’re not able to find one then, you could also choose from hundreds of other domain name extensions.

Step 2 – Buy hosting

The next thing you will need is hosting space on a server to host your website.

You can again buy hosting from a hosting service provider. Both Namecheap and Godaddy sell cheap hosting services.

I recommend you to buy the hosting from the same service provider, from whom you’ve bought domain name.

Namecheap offers a free domain with shared hosting starting from Rs. 1,310/per year, buy it here. It is relatively cheaper than Godaddy.

Make sure you buy a cpanel based shared hosting, as it is easy to use and manage.

The first thing to do is to locate and set up your shared hosting.

See these instructions by Namecheap to locate hosting for your domain in your account.

Step 3 – Setup CPanel

After you have bought domain and hosting, now it is time to start your CPanel setup.

In your Namecheap shared hosting account CPanel, you can change your CPanel password from the ‘Preferences’ section.

Though you can access CPanel from your account. Or you could directly go to your CPanel from your login links: http://yourdomain.tld/cpanel and https://serverhostname:2083.

Your IP address and your server information will be given on the right hand side.

Step 4 – Connect your Domain with your hosting

There are two things you need to do to connect your domain with your hosting.

If you’ve bought the hosting and domain together in your account as recommended in the hosting step, then you don’t need to take these steps.

The first is to add your hosting domain name servers address to your domain’s DNS.

  1. Login to your Namecheap account
  2. Select ‘Domain List’ on the left side
  3. Click on ‘Manage’ button with your domain
  4. Go to ‘Nameservers’ and select ‘Namecheap Web Hosting DNS’ from the drop down
  5. It can take up to 24 hours to set up, and start working, but many times it is immediate

The second is to add your domain to your web hosting.

  1. Go to your CPanel
  2. Scroll to ‘Domain’ section
  3. Select ‘Addon Domains’ 
  4. Add your domain in given format
  5. Subdomain and document root will automatically add up
  6. You can create FTP or skip it
  7. Click ‘Add Domain’ 

Step 4 – Install WordPress in CPanel 

Now, it is time, we install WordPress in CPanel on your domain. Follow the instruction given below:

  1. Go to your CPanel
  2. Go to ‘Exclusive for Namecheap customers’ 
  3. Select ‘Softaculous Apps Installer’ 
  4. Select ‘WordPress’ from the list
  5. Click on the ‘Install Now’ button below
  6. Fill out the details to install WordPress: 
    1. Choose the domain from the drop down
    2. Leave ‘Database Name’ and ‘Table Prefix’ to default settings
    3. Update site settings as per your requirements
    4. Update the Username and Password (you will use it to login to your WordPress website)
    5. Add your Email id 
    6. Scroll down and click ‘Install’ 
  7. It may take time to install the WordPress, wait for it.

Step 5 – Login to your WordPress Website

After install, it is time to visit your WordPress Website.

You will see your website live. If you’re not able to access it, then you must have missed some step.

It is time to login to your WordPress, from where you can add your content and customize your site.

Go to http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin

Now, login using your username and password (created in last step).

The tutorial ends here.

If you have a question or if you’re stuck somewhere, then feel free to use the comment box below.

Share the tutorial with your friends!

Your each share will encourage us to come up with more tutorials.

What is domain name?

Domain is your website name, which is basically an IP address. With the use of DNS (domain name system), IP addresses are converted into human readable domain names for example, xyz.com.

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) converts internet protocol addresses ( into human readable domain names (alphanumeric form).

What is the URL?

The readable form of domain is called Uniform Resource Locator (URL; also called web address). URL is a specific address to locate the web page on the World Wide Web (WWW). Example: xyz.com/abc.

What is WWW?

World Wide Web is an information system where the content, and web resources are identified by URLs (uniform resource locators).

What is a domain name extension?

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) created a domain name extension for the purpose of internet categorization. The first six domain extensions are: .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .org, and .net.

Which is the first registered domain name?

The first registered domain name is symbolics.com.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a physical space, where your website files and resources are stored.

What is a web server?

A Web server consists of software and hardware that is connected through dedicated internet connection, to allow website(s) hosted on it to be accessible to users through HTTP and other protocols.

What is shared hosting?

A single web server that hosts multiple sites at a time, is called shared hosting.

What is CPanel?

CPanel (Control Panel) is a linux based graphical interface (software) to manage and control your web server or hosting.

What is CMS?

CMS (content management system) is like a software that allows you to add, edit, manage and monitor your content and web resources.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system), which more than 35 percent of all websites are using in the world.

What is the difference between WordPress CMS and WordPress.Com?

WordPress CMS can be hosted on your own hosting. Meanwhile, WordPress.com is a website, where you can use WordPress CMS on its hosting free or paid.

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