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How to Create a Free Website on Google?
February 21, 2020
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How to Promote a Small Educational Institute on Internet?

Promote Small Educational Institute

I generate 100% of my leads online for my educational startup. You too can do that. Just follow my exclusive online marketing tips to do that.

These tips any beginner can easily implement to generate business online.

We all are going through tough times! Whole world is under lockdown. 

No one can go out, and businesses and economies across the world have taken a hit.

There’s a high probability that our economy will take another 2 years to recover. 

So, in these tough times, how educational institutes can survive, and generate business? 

Internet marketing can rescue your business. 

Students across the world in the age bracket of 16-24 are hyperactive on the Internet. 

That means, you can easily reach them online and convert them into your students.

How to do that then? All you have to do is just follow my tips religiously. 

At any point you need help, then feel free to ask questions on my Facebook page or on this blog using the comment box below. 

I would love to help you all in these tough times. 

So let’s begin. 

#1. Create your own website 

Don’t worry! You don’t have to hire a developer to create a website. You can do it on your own. 

Let me tell you a secret you can make a website for free on Google platform. 

You want to use your own domain, in that case you will have to buy your domain. 

Check out my blog on how you can create a free website in three different ways on Google. 

Before you head start, I would suggest you plan your website. 

Plan how many pages you want to create. Search for keywords to use in your content. 

For example, if you use keywords such as “Maths Tutor in GTB Nagar” in your content. Then there will be a high probability of your website ranking for this keyword. 

Also, make sure your phone numbers, email, and other important details are all mentioned. 

And work on your service page, where you can target keywords such as “Maths Tuition in Delhi”. 

Tell you students, how you plan to teach them, and help them score high marks in their exams. 

Above all, what makes you different from other teachers and tutors in your location. 

#2. Engage your students on WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is the most popular platform after Facebook. 

The top reason why you should WhatsApp: 

  • All your students uses it
  • All are comfortable to talk to you on it
  • Students responds on WhatsApp
  • You can gain your students trusts on WhatsApp

You can join my online course on WhatsApp Business on our Learning Skills institute to learn to use WhatsApp for marketing and engagement. 

Or you can check out my blog on how to use WhatsApp Business for marketing

Remember, both WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Business are two different apps with identical features. 

WhatsApp Business has more features that will help you to engage your students. 

Most importantly, WhatsApp Business has very high conversion rate, as you can easily convince students to hire or buy your course.

#3. Google My Business to reach students locally

Google My Business is very effective to reach your students in your local area. 

The Google My Business is a service that allows you to list your business on Google Maps and Google search. 

You can get your business on Google, just follow my tutorial on Google My Business

Make sure you add content that includes keywords. Also collect positive reviews and add photos. 

This way, you will also earn trust of your students, who want to reach you. 

You can add videos as well to your listing, that will allow you to convince your students. 

Also, regularly post on Google My Business, about your offers and content that your student finds interesting. 

#4. Facebook engage on Page & build community on group

Facebook is the world’s biggest and undisputed social media platform. 

You must have thought about creating a Facebook page, before you thought about any marketing. 

Facebook for Business has very detailed information on how to create and manage your Facebook page

On your Facebook page, regularly share educational content and content which is interesting to your target students. 

For example, if you are a maths teacher, who is looking for students in 9th to 12th class, then you could share content such as exam datesheet, shortcut to Maths questions, list of trigonometric formulas etc. 

There is a lot of interesting content you could share. You could learn from your market leaders such as BYJUs and Unacademy. 

Apart from the Facebook page, you can also create a Facebook Group for your students. 

Again, Facebook for Business has elaborate instructions to create a Facebook Group

You could use this Group to engage and answer study related questions of your students. 

Also, inform them important dates and notifications from school boards and education bodies. 

#5. Your students just love Instagram, you should too!

Instagram is the third biggest social media platform after Facebook and WhatsApp. 

It is extremely popular among young audiences, particularly for people between the 16 to 24 age bracket. 

Instagram is very easy to use, follow the instructions on Instagram Business to create an account on it. 

Again, as you create content for Facebook, similar content in graphic or video form, you can share on Instagram. 

Your content to engage students online is very important therefore, work on it. 

Also, use hashtags, if you want to attract students in your local area, use location based hashtags. 

For example, for your math tutor based in GTB Nagar in Delhi, then use hashtags such as #GTBNagar, #Delhi, #NewDelhi #NorthDelhi.

Also, hashtags related to your content such as #trigonometry, #maths, #mathematics, #mathsquestion etc. 

Moreover, you can comment on other accounts related to your industry or your competitors. For example, you can answer questions asked by BYJUs, and other competitors. Or comment on news articles that are relevant to your students. 

Regularly posting quality content, using hashtags extensively, and commenting on other pages can get you a lot of followers on Instagram. 

These followers might convert into students someday if you gain their trust.

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