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How to Promote Coaching Institute Online in India? – Top 7 Online Marketing Ideas

Promote Coaching Institute

It is now easier to generate leads and promote coaching institute online than ever before.

As India’s school and college going students are hyperactive on the Internet. They are easily available and reachable on social media and Google search engine.

Now the question is how to promote your coaching institute online in India, that in order to reach your target audience?

I have to say there’s no straight answer or a fixed formula. As online marketing strategy would be different for targeting UPSC aspirants and students preparing for the 12th board exam.

Hence, context, product, business, target region, and many other factors matter a lot while preparing a digital marketing strategy.

However, I have listed out below the top ways you can reach school and college students in India.

In India, offline marketing is too costly that a billboard in Mukherjee Nagar (coaching education hub in Delhi) can cost up to 100,000/- rupees a month. In addition, you cannot measure the effectiveness and leads generated through that billboard.

On the other hand, online marketing can be conducted with as low as 10,000/- rupees a month budget. That will get you quality and targeted leads that you can easily convert into your customers.

In my capacity, I have carefully listed below the top channels and tactics to promote a coaching institute in India. Moreover, these marketing tactics are also affordable and easy to use.

Facebook Marketing and Ads

The Facebook social network is hugely popular in India among the young generation. More than 80 percent of Indian Facebook users belong to 17-34 age bracket. Moreover, India has the highest number of Facebook users in the world.

There are three things you could do to target students for your coaching institute on Facebook, that are:

  1. Facebook Page: the business page on Facebook allows you to engage your target audience using your branding. But make sure, when you create the business page either you could create with your institute name (do that if you’re popular in your region) or could create one using the target keyword (if you have recently started). The keyword targeted will allow you to easily come into the top searches for the target keyword on Facebook for example – CAT Coaching India, UPSC Coaching India etc. Also, regularly share an update on your page related to your courses, news, and educational content.
  2. Facebook Groups: Facebook groups can be the most important tool in your arson. However, it has to be used intelligently, as spamming will lead to less organic reach and high chances of profile block by Facebook. Suppose, you want to target CAT aspirants, then, in that case, you could group post or directly post promotional content in college and universities’ groups, and also Management Entrance Exam groups. Or you could create your own group as well with the name of CAT Prep Delhi, Common Entrance Test Group etc.
  3. Facebook Ads: I believe, it is quite a long topic to discuss here, but I recommend that you will need to engage a professional to manage your Facebook Ads to actually get the results. You could use Facebook Ads to target your audience on an event basis such as CAT registration or preferences such as Management Topics and College. There are many more ways you could target students online with the help of Facebook Ads. All you need is creative ideas and ways to target them.

Google my Business

For any coaching institute, the majority of your target audience is based in and around your location. Therefore, it becomes important to target your local audience online. That’s because you know that they will easily convert into your paying students.

Google My Business is a business location verification service that’s free and any business can use it. You could also use it to verify your location on Google Maps and promote coaching institute.

Google My Business service will allow you to target the local audience more effectively. I have elaborated the process on how to verify your location on Google My Business in my last blog. If you any questions regarding it then do use the comment box below.

Now, to get your listing on to the top searches for the target keyword on Google Maps, do the following:

  • Add Keyword Optimized Content on GMB
  • Add Actual Photos of your Business and Locality
  • Get Some Positive Reviews

Local Listing Sites and Directories

There are abundant local listing sites and directories in India such as JustDial, Grotal, StartLocal etc. These are quite usable for online promotion.

Firstly, these websites have their own direct audience online; secondly, these websites are listed in the top searches for local keywords; lastly, these sites increase your online presence.

The best thing about using local listing sites and directories is that they are mostly free or affordable.

Following are the top leading local listing sites and directories for coaching institutes in India:

  • Just Dial
  • Sulekha
  • Grotal
  • Start Local
  • Ask Laila
  • IndiaMart
  • TradeIndia
  • Indian Yellow Pages

Education Magazines and Blogs

Education Magazines in India have far-reaching effects on Indian students irrespective of their educational background.

There are many top-selling magazines in the education sector that sells like hot cakes, and ideal to promote coaching institute.

You could either use their print Ad services in their magazines to reach the target audience. However, that will be too costly for any small or mid-sized coaching institute to afford.

Nevertheless, you could still use Education Magazines for marketing. You could ask for ad placement for your coaching institute on Education Magazine’s website.

The popular Education Magazines’ websites attract a lot of quality and targeted traffic much like their print magazines. Therefore you could use their platforms to target the audience.

Apart from Magazines, you can also engage Education Blogs for marketing purposes. However, Blogs are the best way to target the audience for your coaching institute.

That’s because, Blogs put in extra effort to develop targeted content that easily reaches top searches on Google, and goes viral quite fast on Facebook.

For example, we had one of our client, who wanted targeted leads for their professional IT courses.

We contacted an education blog website to write a blog to market their professional courses. Now, that single blog article on the blog website brings in at least 40-60 qualified leads each month for our client.

Education Portals

In recent years, a lot of Education Portals have propped up in India. That attract huge flux of school and college going students online.

Moreover, they are also one of the best places to promote a coaching institute.

These Education Portals not only have pan India audience but also localized audience from metro cities in India.

Eventually making it enticing for any coaching institute in India to approach these Education Portals for sponsored listing and ad placements.

You too can use these Education Portals, and many of these portals have the free listing subscription to start with. Essentially, you will not have to pay much.

You could keyword optimize your listing content on these education portals. That’s because the listing on education portals have higher chances of reaching top searches on Google for localized keywords.

Moreover, these Education Portals put in a lot of investment and focus on marketing to reach and stay on top.

Here’s the list of top Education Portals in India:

  • PagalGuy
  • Meritnation
  • EduGorilla
  • Shiksha
  • India Study Channel
  • Sarvgyan
  • College Dunia
  • Agla Sem


The power of blogging is still underused. It has immense potential for any business in India. In the case of the coaching institute, it can do wonders for your online promotion.

I have personally helped a lot of my clients to use blogging to creatively promote coaching institute, and generate highly targeted leads and sales.

My coaching institute in Delhi with the name of Learning Skills Institute is a live example of how I built my coaching business using blogging.

You could target multiple keywords, easily reach top searches and go viral on social media with blogging.

All you need creative blogging ideas that too in a variety of formats – articles, how-to, lists, tutorials, tricks, tips, infographics, interviews etc.

The extensive keyword researching and detail blogging plan are crucial to its success.

You could use the following keyword researching tools below:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMRush
  • Keywordtool.io

And for the blog planning you will need the following:

  • SMART Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Target Keywords
  • Editorial Calendar and Action Plan

Google Adwords

There are a lot of coaching institutes in Delhi that use Google AdWords for promotion on Google Search Engine.

However, the most common thing about all these Google AdWords promotions is that they all are not able to effectively target audience; leave alone the engagement and lead management.

Above all, poor follow-ups and customer relationship management lead to an extremely low conversion rate.

With proper planning, working on your keyword researching and targeting, and developing quality content you could improve your returns from Google AdWords’ promotions.

For the keyword targeting and researching part, you should extensively use keyword planner.

Also, focus on transactional keywords such as Law Entrance Coaching in Delhi, CAT Coaching in Delhi etc. Apart from these, you could also target informational keywords such as How to Prepare for Law Entrance etc.

Apart from above, focus on Landing Page and Content, just remember the following key pointers:

  1. The landing page should be easy to navigate, opens fasts, attractive, engaging and lead the traffic to conversion points.
  2. On the content part, make sure that you convey the offer/proposition accurately and clearly. Moreover, focus on the engagement, persuasion and convincing part by adding content such as results and successful students’ list, awards, teacher’s profile, infrastructure photos, and features etc.
  3. Do not use spammy words, and make sure that your content is grammatically correct.
  4. The headline of your Ad Copy is highly important that’s because when your target audience finds it interesting only then they will click on the Ad Copy.
  5. Lastly, give your traffic multiple touch points to contact your coaching institute such as online chat, phone number, visit request, online application, email and contact box, open forum discussion, and request a call back etc.

The Google AdWords system is quite tricky and complex, therefore, you will always need an experienced and/or certified professional to handle it. And make sure you follow up with your ROI to make each penny count.

I hope you would find these online marketing tips for your coaching institute valuable. If you have questions or doubts about how you could further promote coaching institute then you could reach me at me@kanishkmatta.com. Or you could leave a comment below.

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