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How to Generate Leads for Startups in India Online?

lead gen for startups

The startups in India often struggle with three major issues – funding, management and lead generation. Though, funding and management can be sorted out in time with a lot of options available.

However, low or poor lead generation can even kill the startup!

It is the effective flow of lead generation that allows startups to sustain business in the initial days.

From the outset, lead generation is crucial not only from your survival standpoint but for the very future of the startup.

Moreover, if you cannot prove that you can generate leads for your business, then most probably investors and banks may hesitate to invest or offer funds.

Undoubtedly, quality lead generation is important but that too at low cost.

So, how do you do that?

How to generate leads for startups in India?

Digital marketing is one of the most effective lead generation tools that’s available at low cost or almost free (if you know how to do it).

I have listed 4 proven ways to generate leads for startups online without much ado.

Targeting Niche Keywords in Your Domain

Most of the time startups in India ignore niches in their domain. There can be multiple niches in your domain from where you may attract low traffic. But quality traffic that easily converts.

However, it may take time and effort to find out niches in your domain and simultaneously niche keywords to target. Nevertheless, it is always fruitful and helps generate leads for startups quickly online.

For example, if you are an IT company in India offering hosting plans and software development. Then you could target niche keywords to reach your target audience segment of Startups and Small Businesses:

– web hosting options for small business

– servers for startups

– IT solutions for startups

– software development services for startups

– CRM for startups

All you’ve to do is find the customer segment of your target audience that most probably is interested in your services/products. With a simple search, you will find a lot of keywords to target in your niche.

You could use keyword tools such as Ubersuggest, SEMRush, KWFinder, Google Trends etc. to improve your keyword researching.


Find out Niche Facebook Groups

On social media as well you could quickly target and reach your customer and quickly generate leads for startups. Again, you will have to focus on your niche.

Actually, throughout your digital marketing strategy with micro-targeting of your niche, you could improve lead generation for startups manifold.

So, how do you do that?

Search on Facebook using the following words and add any top city name:

– startups

– small business owners

– small business

– entrepreneurs

For example Delhi Startups, Small Business Owners Delhi, Entrepreneurs Delhi

You will find a lot of startups with actual business owners and entrepreneurs which you can directly target in these groups.

Similarly, for other niches, you have to accordingly think through combinations of keywords to reach your target customer segment.

With this strategy, you could generate leads for startups virtually from any part of the world. Just use your imagination and be patient.


Business Listing – List Your Startup Online

There are many business listing portals both city wise and country wise. You should get your startups listed on these business listing portals.

In addition, there is numerous business listing sites as well such as real estate business listing, startup business listing, B2B business listing and so on so forth.

The business listing portal has its own huge direct audience. Moreover, these business listing portals acquires top ranks for local keywords most of the time.

Therefore, if you want to quickly generate leads for startups then start listing your business on these listing portals.

While doing so, you should also target your main keywords and provide detailed, unique and keyword target content for each listing.

This way you will increase the chances of your listing to get into the top searches.

Actually, business listing portals get the advantage from Google on this. Therefore, most of the time their pages’ reach top searches quite easily.

If it so, then why not exploit this opportunity?

Above all, you will be getting a lot of direct leads from the business listing platforms.

There are premium services available on these business portals that you could choose to further accelerate lead generation for startups.


Google AdWords – Quickly Generate Leads for Startups

If you are finding it difficult to reach top searches and also do not have the patience to wait for SEO to work. Then, in that case, you could use Google AdWords to quickly reach top searches.

However, getting a top Ad Rank is not easy. You will need to work on: target keywords, landing page, and ad copy.

You could target niche keywords here as well. The niche keywords are cheaper in comparison to commonly targeted keywords.

Moreover, many times the competition is quite low for niche keywords. That allows you to quickly reach top Ad Rank without much ado.

On the other hand, high competitive keywords will cost you bomb per click.

Moreover, reaching the top Ad Rank will require a lot of efforts and investment in terms of money and time.

You could use AdWords Express to quickly launch your text ads.

Apart from this, you could use Google AdWords to create text ads. But before you do that you could learn the basics of text ads and the right way to write successful text ads.

These proven tips are easy to implement that can help you generate leads for startups. That too at low expenditure and without much efforts.

I am sure you will put these tips for lead generation for startups to good use. If you find it interesting and valuable, then don’t forget to share it on Facebook.

There are more ways to quickly generate leads for startups online. If you know it then please do share it here using the comment box below.

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